Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Best "Stupid Gadget" I Ever Bought!

OK, so this isn't stamp-related, but my baby is coming home from the marching band Disney trip today, and I wanted to make her some cupcakes.  Love to bake.  Hate to make cupcakes.  No matter what I do, I end up with batter all over the pan, the counter, myself - you get the picture.

Several months ago while DD17 & I were in Bed, Bath, and Beyond, I saw this nifty little batter gadget on the clearance rack for $6 because it was missing its lid.  It looked sad.  I like to make pancakes, too, but that's another story - but anyway, I thought it would be cool to be able to pull the little handle & make myself quick, perfect pancakes.  Yep.  That hasn't happened.

Anyway, I remembered this little "stupid gadget" (as DH likes to call my clearance rack finds - and can't blame him, because my junk drawers and shelves sort of take over the house sometimes - "OOOOOH, what does THIS gadget do?") as I was mixing the batter.

WELL.  Let me just say, this is my new favorite toy.  No drips.  No messy pan.  No messy me or counters!!!!  In about five seconds, I filled the cupcake liners and VOILA.  Into the oven they go.

I see MANY cupcakes in my future ;)

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!



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