Sunday, November 20, 2011

Stampin' with my CCD kids :)

Here's a Thanksgiving card I designed last month but never got a chance to blog about :)  I took my Big Shot & all the supplies into CCD class this morning so my class kids could make cards for their families.  Inside, they listed things they were thankful for.  It was kinda funny but kinda sad that a lot of them said things like "My iPod" "My cell phone" "My laptop" . . . fortunately, there were a few who managed to save me from total disillusionment by saying they were grateful for their families, pets, homes, and the like.

What was I grateful for?  Well, since I woke up with a migraine & sick to my stomach, I was really thankful I'd already had this card designed & ready to go!!

Happy stampin' - and Happy Thanksgiving!!


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