Monday, January 2, 2012

Basic Favor Box Tutorial (2-5-7-10 Box)

Hi Stampers!  This is a pattern that's been around for a while, but for my first ever blog tutorial, I thought I'd stay with a "tried and true" 3D item.  Let me know what you think!

Basic Favor Box (2-5-7-10 box)

This adorable favor box uses just one sheet of 8 ½ x 11 cardstock and a scrap of ribbon!  Instead of buying favor boxes at the store, make your own in whatever color  you need. 

1.  With the long side of your cardstock at the top of your scoring tool, score at 2”, 5”, 7” and 10”.
2.  Turn your cardstock and score at 2” and 7”.  If you wish, use stamps or wheels to stamp all over your cardstock at this point.

It’s a little difficult to see all of the score lines, but your cardstock should now look like this:

3.  Position cardstock as shown in photo above with the 2” scored section at the top.  Using scissors, trim away all but one tall section (the 3” section before the 1” section).  This section will be the flap closure for the box.
4.  Make vertical cuts at the bottom scored section to create 1 ½” tall flaps.  Cut off the narrow piece at the bottom of the 1” end section.  This will be the bottom of the box.  Cut the 1” narrow piece at an angle at the top and bottom to create a tab.

Your piece should now look like this:

5.  If you wish, use a border punch to shape your box flap.

6.  Use your bone folder to sharply crease all your score lines to shape your box.  Attach Sticky Strip as shown.

7.  Remove red liner from Sticky Strip and fold flaps in to construct your box.

Tab goes inside box

You can place the Sticky Strip differently & have the long sides out if you want.
I just liked the way this looked better :)
8.  Pinch top edge of box in to crease.

9.  Fold box flap over and punch two holes in flap.

10. Fold flap over and mark hole placement with a pencil, then punch holes in main part of box to match. Thread ribbon through box holes.

11.  Fill box, pull ribbon through flap holes, and tie ribbon closed.

Embellish your box further as desired with scraps of cardstock you’ve stamped a sentiment on, rhinestones, or whatever you like!  That's it - wasn't that simple and fun??
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Happy Stampin'!


  1. Hey Jen! That was a great first tutorial!!! The pictures are a great tool. You've inspired me

  2. Great tutorial and super cute box! Thanks!

  3. Wonderful tutorial! Thank you for taking the time. :)

  4. Great tutorial and love the color of card stock you used too!

  5. great job...thanks for posting this I had totally forgotten all about this box and it is such a great way to demo the new score tool


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