Saturday, February 11, 2012

MMMMMM . . . Sugar Fix!!

I finally got my sets of Stampin' Up's new Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps!  They come in two different designs,  Holidays and Occasions:

Holidays.  There's also a Jack o' Lantern face but you can't see it in this photo - it's on the wooden "handle".

I'll be serving cookies made with these adorable stamps at my Birthday Stamp a Stack on Sunday, so naturally, I had to test them out!

My Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps
Here's what the stamps look like out of the box.  They come with two recipes for cookies.  I decided to try the Sugared Shortbread recipe.  The recipe said it would make about 16 cookies.  I rolled them into about 1 1/4" dough balls and coated them in granulated sugar, according to the directions.  Even being generous with the "scoops", I actually got 20 cookie dough balls!  Here's what they looked like after I stamped them:

Cookies ready to be baked!
Yummy cookies out of the oven!!
The only change I made to the recipe was to double the vanilla to two teaspoons because my family likes really "vanilla-y" cookies.  Let me tell you, these things are ADDICTIVE.  It's 12:37 a.m. right now & last time I looked, there were only 5 of these bad boys left in the kitchen!!  By the way, these are very generously sized cookies after you mash them down with the stamper - about 3 1/2" round.  I saw an idea on another demo blog to trim them into more perfect circles by cutting them with a biscuit cutter after you stamp them down - will definitely try that on another round of baking.  I also want to try decorating them with colored sanding sugars too.

So, I'll definitely be baking again before Sunday :)  If you'd like to order your very own set of Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps, head on over to my website where you can shop 24 hours a day.

Happy stampin'!


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