Monday, June 18, 2012

I REALLY Need to Stamp . . .

I have new stuff from the new catalog, and stamp sets that haven't even seen ink yet.  Stamping is therapy for me - it calms me, I love to create, and getting inky is just plain FUN!

So why haven't there been any new blog posts lately?  I HAVEN'T HAD TIME TO STAMP!!!!  Grr.

The past weekend flew by like crazy.  I had all intentions of stamping yesterday.  Initially, there wasn't much going on - I had a little homework to catch up on, but then I was going to sit and stamp.  Somehow the day got away from me (in my defense, there was a lot of running around going on).  Tonight I came home from work just too darn tired . . .

Anyway, Wednesday evening after work is looking good.  I just HAVE to break out Papillon Potpourri & the new Butterfly Punch and try them out - just HAVE to!!!

I hope you're making time to stamp.  Get to it!!  :)

Happy stampin'!


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