Friday, April 12, 2013

84,000 Tabs Open . . .

Sometimes at work, my peeps will ask me, "What's wrong?" and I go, "Huh?  Nothing, why?!"  They tell me I get this look on my face like I'm upset or worried or a million miles away.

What's actually going on is my brain is kind of like a browser, and I usually have about 84,000 tabs all open at the same time - and I'm going through them one by one.  I've also been known to describe my thought process as boxes or compartments.  (See, that's how old I am - now if I describe them as "tabs", the youngsters understand too <smile>)  If something's bothering me or I need to sift through a problem and don't have time to do it or it's not the appropriate moment, I stick it into its own little compartment and deal with it later when I can really chomp on it.

A friend had this on Facebook last week.  Girls, I KNOW you get it:

Because that's how we are.  Multi-tasking, thinking about 84,000 things all at the same time, keeping our loved ones always on the fringe of our perception - you get the picture.  I'm sure men do something similar, but being more direct, I'd wager to say they've got ONE browser tab open at a time and deal with that one before they click and open the next one.  They're pretty sensible that way :-)
SO, amongst the 84,000 things I'm usually thinking about, one of them is the fact that in a VERY short time, I will be having my 50th birthday.  Guess it's not so bad, just a number after all.  But is it just me, or have the last couple of decades changed faster than any of us imagined?  Cell phones, computers, all this social media stuff, the internet, being able to open 84,000 tabs at a time on the browser . . . . I know this will make me sound even older, but when I was a kid, stuff like this seemed light years away - like something on Star Trek (one of my FAVORITE shows, by the way!)
Anyway, with the big birthday on my mind, today's card is a vintage-y little number we did at Calendar Club recently.  I just love easel cards and I think my gals do too.  This one uses the Labels Framelits, Apothecary Accents & Bring On the Cake stamp sets, and the Modern Label punch:
Crumb Cake is my absolute FAVORITE neutral.  It just goes with everything.  Lately, all I use are Crumb Cake envelopes, too - again, it just goes with everything!  I've paired it here with Lucky Limeade, sponged the edges to add some dimension, and blinged it a bit with some Basic Rhinestones for a little sparkle.  The background was stamped in Early Espresso on Very Vanilla cardstock - just dark enough with the Crumb Cake to look rich & elegant.  Wouldn't this brighten up any birthday girl or guy's day?
Anyhow, I hope YOUR brain browser tabs aren't too overwhelming today, and you all have a great weekend planned for yourselves.  What??  You're not doing anything?  Well, just hop on over to my website & do a little shopping, check out my Events schedule, or give me a call to set up a private class with you and a few friends!  I'd be happy to plan a little stamping party for you & YOUR peeps to see all the beautiful things you can do with Stampin' Up!
Happy stampin'!

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