Sunday, April 14, 2013

BIG Bouncing Baby Boy!!

Hi Stampers!

Since I wrote about the Baby Girl the other day, I guess I'd better devote some time to the Older One, the Boy.  He's been out of college almost two years now - unfortunately, he falls into that statistic of "underemployed".  Has his BA in Criminal Justice, but is working as a security guard.  Well, at least he IS working, right??!

The Boy is our late bloomer.  That's okay.  He's always been the "slow and steady wins the race" kid.  It might take him a while, but he isn't a quitter.  Ten years of football, and he wasn't ever a starter or even got a whole heck of a lot of playing time, but this football mama enjoyed every second he spent on the field.  I think it's what got him through college, to tell the truth.  He chose a Division 3 school not just for their fantastic Criminal Justice program, but because he could continue to play football.  It was nice, because he went into college having a ready-made group of friends and was blessed to have coaches and an advisor that really kept him in line, grade-wise.

I think as a woman, it's a strange thing to give birth to a male child.  A daughter, you can understand.  The little mood swings, etc. - but with boys, I dunno.  You just don't ever really know what they're thinking.  . . . and then comes that moment when they mysteriously morph into a young man, growing taller than you, hairy, muscle-y, all that stuff.  I can still remember the first time I noticed my little boy had that grown man thing going on.  It's just WEIRD.  But no matter how big they get, they're always still your little guy, in your mind's eye and in your heart.
Anyhow, here's today's card, a sweet little baby boy number.  Again, I've made use of my favorite Crumb Cake cardstock, along with a circle punch and the Every Little Bit & Petite Pairs stamp sets:

I did some faux stitching using the pen end of my Soft Suede Stampin' Write marker & trimmed this fussy-cut onesie card with some cardstock strips in Soft Suede.  Mini Brads look like little snaps.  I CASEd the template for this card from the internet.  Isn't it adorable??

Well, the sunshine is calling me so I'm gonna try to soak some up while it's still daylight.  Hope you're having a fantastic weekend & enjoying the nice weather!

Happy stampin'!


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