Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Smiles, Screaming Goats, and Other Nonsense

Hi Stampers!
I was thinking about smiles yesterday.  Give one, get one - it doesn't matter.  Goofy smiles, shy smiles, mischievous smiles, the kind that communicates volumes without a word being said, sticky little ice cream smiles from your kids, and on and on and on.  Smiling so hard your face hurts - have you ever done that?  Isn't that one of the best feelings?!  I've had days that have been so good, I felt like I couldn't STOP smiling.  MOST excellent :-)
One of my friends, Deana, and I were talking at work last night about being childishly silly and laughing til your sides hurt - and how it's even funnier if somebody else doesn't "get" it and looks at you like you're a moron.   THAT is one of my most favorite things to do, and my three younger brothers and I excel at it :-)  I was at a scrapbook retreat in February where another girl and I kept busting out into giggles over this Taylor Swift video:
Just when it would get really quiet and we were all scrapping away studiously, one of us would look up and go, "BWAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!" (like the goat). Oh my. Yeah, this would be about the time my daughter would say, "Mom, what are you, like, FIVE???"  But hey, laughter's good for the soul, plus a good belly laugh massages your insides!!
Today's card is one I pulled from the archives.  Unfortunately, the stamp set You're My Type is retired, but I wanted to feature this today because I hope you all have a certain friend or family member who IS "just your type".  Someone you can laugh hysterically with, someone who communicates a thousand words to you with just a smile, someone who just "gets" you :-)

Happy stampin'!

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