Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sweet Baby Girl

I turned around for a millisecond, and my baby girl grew up.

We're taking the younger of my two to college orientation today.  I'm not as freaked out by this as I was when we took the older one back in 2007.  Not because I've been through it before, although that's probably part of it, but because this child seemed to have exited the womb already possessing all the wisdom of the universe.  Yep, this would be the 18 year old I've already discussed :-)

She's always had a perfectly formed personality.  From the time she could talk, her sage observations have simultaneously had me roaring with laughter and stunned with her razor-sharp common sense.  When my mom was in the process of moving several years ago, and she was around 5 or 6 or so, there was a bag of candy in one of Mom's bottom buffet drawers.  The baby kept seeing this candy and one day, she said to Grandma, "I'm tired of seeing that bag of candy in that drawer, Grandma."  Mom asked her where she'd rather see it.  Reply:  "I'd like to see it at MY house."

Thinking about my sweet baby girl, who is now a poised and lovely young lady, sets up today's card. I CASEd this one from the internet:

This is the Scallop Circle die, cut in half, trimmed, and detailed with various punches.  So cute :-)

Well, they're downstairs hollering for me to get my butt moving.  Off we go . . . I'll try not to cry.

Happy stampin'!


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