Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Killin' o' the Green(s) . . .

Hi Stampers!

I have a confession to make.  I am a murderer.

Wait, wait wait - CALM DOWN!!  Let me explain.

I kill plants.  Don't even have to touch them - just one look from old Green Eyes here (isn't THAT ironic??  green eyes???) and the poor things silently scream, throw up their little leaves in horror, and bite the dust.  Black thumb, much?

My mom, on the other hand, has the greenest thumb on Earth.  The woman is absolutely amazing.  The damn things just LOVE her - whether it's flowers, vegetables, greens - it's so irritating ;-)

Until now.

I've been experimenting with sprouting mung beans, with the help & instruction of one of my clients. Check it out:

This particular batch REALLY took off.   Baby Girl commented, "Well, Mom - at least you finally found something even YOU can grow!" Love that kid :-) One cup of  mung beans later, soaked and dampened daily, and I've got delicious, healthy sprouts to last me a week.

Green got me thinking of this card:

Can't mention friends without pointing out that one of the sweet perks of my job is working with our nutritionists.  I'm fortunate to work with some world-class RDs/LDNs - shout out to my friends Mark, Melissa & Elizabeth - you guys ROCK.  Oh, and hey - one of them literally DOES rock - here's a link to MarKus D's band -  Reverbnation: ReCover  Check them out!  That boy can make a guitar CRY, in a good way, of course.

Back to the food thing - our Ornish clients follow a specific nutritional plan which incorporates a plant-based, low fat, caffeine-free diet - so it seemed only right that, as their nurse case manager, I do as much the same as possible.

About one year later, I'm 20 pounds lighter, which is a definite bonus; BUT the way my body FEELS is simply astounding.  I will tell you, we truly are what we eat.  My skin is glowing, I have more energy, and my body quite simply feels CLEAN, inside and out.  It's glorious!

Well, the weather here has cooled down today, but it's still beautiful out.  I might just plant a little garden this summer - maybe some tomatoes, peppers, a little lettuce - who knows?  Since the bean sprouts didn't hate on me, I may just have some success this year!  Have a great weekend, my friends.

Happy stampin'!


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