Sunday, April 7, 2013

Where's Dr. Evil When You Need Him?

I have a gift.  Well, actually it's more like a curse.  Want to bet I can pi** off everybody in the room in about 1.5 seconds flat?  Yep.  You'd win that one.

So what's this curse?  Over-thinking.  Oh, and worrying needlessly.  Right about now, those who know me well are nodding their heads and going, "Uh huh, you got THAT right!"

See, I like to "fix things".  Only problem is, most of the time, things don't NEED fixed.  . . . and even if they do, who died & left ME the great fixer-upper?  Yeah.  Remember the one Austin Powers movie where Dr. Evil kept telling Scott to "Zip it!!"  I need somebody to tell me that - like, EVERY DAY!!!

My mom says I'm a people-pleaser.  She's right.  I ALWAYS think everything is my fault.  If somebody is upset about something, I go into this nervous fit and try to appease, mend, soothe, cuddle, talk, problem-solve . . . well, you get the picture.  Or say one of my friends doesn't reply to an email or text, like RIGHT NOW, again with the nervous fit . . .  Are they mad at me?  Did I offend them somehow?  Maybe they don't like me any more!  Shoot, what am I, five years old?  (Wait, that would be insulting kindergartners - even THEY know better :)  Five-year-olds forget about stuff in about ten seconds and move on to the next little thing and go play with THAT for a while.)  Me, I'm like a dog with one bone - poke, poke, poke; chew, chew, chew.  Not only that, but it's pretty immature and self-centered to sit around thinking like that.  Good gravy!!

Speaking of dogs, there's another lesson.  Dogs are the BEST friends.  They just kind of settle in, but when you need 'em, there they are.  Not that I'm a dog, but to all my family & friends, I resolve to just "settle in" for the future - y'all ALREADY know I'm here for you - I don't need to keep sticking my nose in your hand, figuratively speaking :)

SO.  What have we learned here, Jeni??  Um.

1)  The world doth not revolve around thee.  (Who do you think you are, anyway?!)
2)  The only person worrying about this stuff is YOU.  Get a grip, girl.
3)  Pay attention to your favorite saying, and for God's sake - "Keep calm and carry on."
4)  Patience is a virtue.  Give stuff 24 hours and if it's not okay, maybe it wasn't to begin with, and SO WHAT????  Let it go.
5)  Keep annoying your friends and one of these days, one of them is gonna slap you upside the head.
6)  Well, no - they wouldn't really do that (I hope!!) - but chill out, woman!!
7)  "The people who matter don't mind, and the ones that mind don't matter."
8)  Walking is good thinking time.  Need to get back to the daily walks!!
9)  Stop saying things to people that maybe only YOU need to hear.
10)  Sometimes it's best to just let things lay.

Most of all, stamping something every day is good therapy.  I'm gonna start doing that again, as much as possible.  This blog is seriously neglected!  Hey, even if it's only me reading it, it's cool :)  Creating makes me happy :)

So, with that in mind, I made a card today, with the idea of "Keeping it simple".  This little cutie is suitable for a guy or a girl, and I used the new Pop 'n Cuts Dress Die.  Very versatile, that die!  I cut the little dress form legs off & used the Labels Framelits inside.  Loving the chalkboard technique, too.

Oh, and don't forget there's FREE SHIPPING until tomorrow evening!  Everyone who places an order of at least $25 during this promo will get a pre-cut kit from me to make one Pop 'n Cuts card, so you can see for yourself how seriously CUTE this die set is.

OK, here's the card.   Let me know what you think & leave me a comment!

How about that Natural Composition Specialty DSP?  So pretty for a card front using this die!
Do you LOVE how the card front "tucks" into the pre-cut slots??
I miss Mocha Morning DSP - had to grab a few more packages when it was on the Clearance Rack.
I wish they'd bring it back - one of my favorite DSPs ever :(

So here's where I cut off the little dress form legs
& popped up my Framelit on the dress cutout itself (underneath).
Just proves how versatile this die is - even if you don't want to do a "dress" card,
see how you can use it to make a pop up card using another shape?  Too cool, huh????
Amazing Family is a GREAT stamp set - I sure hope it carries over when the Spring catalog is done!!

Again with the Mocha Morning DSP - I know, retired!!
The Four Frames stamp set is so versatile, and Language of Friendship was PERFECT here.
Well, if you've read this far, thanks for putting up with my little dissertation today :)  Yeah, guess it's still "overthinking" and not sure I'll EVER stop being a worrywart, but the sun's shining, I took a good long walk, I stamped something - so that's a GOOD DAY :)
Happy stampin'!!


  1. so pretty Jeni-love your over stamping on the card front and the chalkboard look on the inside-


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