Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Amazing Dads

I was lucky to have two dads.  My biological father, John George Bishel; and my step-dad, Joe Rothbauer.

Daddy John died of leukemia when I was only four years old (brother John was two).  Mom remarried and we got Daddy Joe.  He was my father's cousin and had been widowed himself.  Brothers Joe & Jim came along from that marriage. Lots of details to THAT story, but I won't go into it here.

All anyone needs to know is that for little girls, their daddy is their world.  I still remember Daddy John - just little memories - but I'm grateful for them.  He had the deepest, darkest eyes, and I knew he loved me to pieces.  Daddy Joe was my hero.  I remember meeting him and just thinking he was the handsomest thing ever.  He was self-taught on his Martin guitar, and sang to me ALL the time.  Johnny Cash's "I Walk the Line" - that was our song.  Absolute MAGIC.  Because of him, I guess I'll always have a "thing" for men who play guitar :-)

Father's Day is coming up, and my Calendar Club girls asked for a card.  We used "Amazing Family" from the Spring Mini for this one.  I'm gonna tell you a little secret - this set is carrying over to the big catalog!  (I'm so excited!!).

Isn't that the coolest set??  I love how simple it is, yet you have so many options.
Both my dads are gone - John in 1968, and Joe in 2002.   If your dad is with you, give him a big hug next time you see him.  If he's in Heaven, well, I believe our dads are looking down at us and are proud.
Miss you, John & Joe . . . Happy Father's Day . . .
Happy stampin'!


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