Friday, May 3, 2013

Amazing Moms . . .

Moms are generally pretty amazing.  I don't say that just because I happen to be one ;-)

When I was growing up, my mom seemed like Superwoman.  The house was always clean and neat inside and out.  Delicious meals appeared on the table every night, like magic - main course, sides, dessert and all.  Our friends & neighbors up at our cottage in Kennerdell couldn't wait for us to get there on Friday nights for her "Magic 10 sauce" pizza, and her homemade Dutch apple pie is to die for.  I still don't like anyone's potato salad but hers, and she makes a point to make it for me every time I visit.  (I'm getting hungry just typing this!)

I'm sure I didn't appreciate all this when I WAS growing up, and until I had a house and family of my own, never realized how much work a mom REALLY does.  Anyway, thanks Mom - I know I never told you that enough in my (almost) 50 years :-)

Recently, I gave a friend & co-worker a spare "mother" card I'd found in my stash a while back.  He said his mom loved  it so much, I offered to design a different one for him to give her for Mother's Day.  This really feels like one of my best cards ever, if I do say so myself:

Isn't this color combo GORGEOUS??  That's one of our new colors, Smokey Slate, paired with Raspberry Ripple.  I used the En Francais background stamp, one of the single flower stamps that was available a while back, Papillon Potpourri stamped, punched, and blinged up with some Basic Pearls, and on the inside of the card, Amazing Family.  I will admit, I haven't used the In Color ribbon before - but the triple time stamping technique just begged for it.  This card came out even better than I'd planned it in my head - très elegante, non??

I'm gonna have to make a couple of these babies for MY mom and mother-in-law :-)

As always, if you want to order the supplies I used for this card, head on over to my website to shop at

Happy stampin'!


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