Sunday, May 26, 2013

Blog Makeover COMING SOON!!!!

I am so excited!!!!

Some of you may know I've been wanting to have my blog professionally overhauled for quite some time.  I was actually all set to go almost two years ago with a terrific, kinda "famous" blog designer, but some unusual circumstances arose on her end (no fault of hers); and unfortunately, after waiting for way over a year, I finally gave up on the idea of having a jazzy, snazzy blog.

Well, I've decided to try again, and luckily, have discovered another GREAT designer, Julie at Webics.  She's now designing blogs for Stampin' Up! demos, and boy, do I love her portfolio!

Stay tuned for my beautiful new blog sometime hopefully in the next few months - can't wait to see what Julie comes up with for me!!

Happy stampin'!


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