Thursday, May 23, 2013

It's the Little Things . . .

Most of the time I'm an optimist.  I say "most of the time" because, just like anyone else, I've got my dark moments.  My emotions run pretty deep, and if I let the down times get to me, it can get bad.  So bad sometimes that it actually physically hurts.  But I know when it's coming on, and I can talk myself through it.  Creating pretty things helps to push back the shadows, though.  Thank goodness for artistic outlets.  Then again, maybe it's just that "artistic" nature that can go either way sometimes.  Bet that would make a good psychological study :-)

Little things make me smile.  One of the stamps in the "Feel Goods" stamp set says "The best things in life aren't things".  Isn't that the truth??  Some of the best things in life aren't concrete.  A movie with a friend, a walk through the neighborhood, a baseball game with family, a good hug when you need one, catching a smile from a buddy just when you need it . . . . ahhhh.  THOSE are some of the best things, aren't they??

Here's a card from Calendar Club:

We did these in four different colors, and the girls picked whatever saying they wanted and whatever color buttons they felt like.  I tend to shy away from red, but I really like it here.
And here's the "Feel Goods" stamp set:

So - what are YOUR "feel goods"?  Try to find them this week and shoot me a comment.   My wish for you this week is to be happy, my friends!  Take charge and rule the day!
Happy stampin'!

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