Wednesday, May 22, 2013

That Time of Year!!

My baby girl is graduating high school.  When the heck did she get old enough to do that????  I hardly have time to process everything we still need to do - graduation announcements, take a photo (LONG story - she didn't want to get one done professionally), plan a party???  Yeesh.

I think I'm calmer this time, though.  When the Boy graduated, I was all in a tizz.  I think I cried every week that year.  Somehow, this came up on me quicker than I thought, and I guess I didn't have time to freak out as much.  Guess that's a good thing!!

Thinking about graduation made the Calendar Club girls realize they wanted such a card.  Came up with this little cutie.  We used the set "Pure Gumption".  This is one of the best graduation sets I've seen yet - love it!!  They also used my scrap box to pick their own colors, so everyone's cards were different - I loved what they came up with.  This was my example:

In just a few weeks, Baby Girl will be marching down the aisle to "Pomp & Circumstance" and I'll try not to cry too much.  A few months from now and she'll head off to college.  Time marches on!
Happy stampin'!

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