Monday, June 10, 2013

All Partied OUT!!

Hi Stampers!!

I'm baaaaaaaaaaack :-)  Atlantic City was a BLAST!!!  I'd definitely go back.  The beach was windy & the water was cold - no, I did NOT go in - dipping my toes in was enough for me, thank you very much - but what a fun place!  Ocean & sand during the day and the casinos & boardwalk in the evening.  LOVED IT!!!  Speaking of toes, here's my pretty purple pedi:

Hey, what can I say?  It's my favorite color :-)
Speaking of purple, here's a card from the archives:
Now, do I think this is one of my better creations?  Honestly, NOOOOOOOOOO!!  But I wanted to show you all how our creativity can blossom over time.  When I made this card, I thought it was pretty darn spiffy.  Not saying it's a BAD card, but my style has changed a bit.  (I thought I did a smashing job on that bow at the time, though - ha ha!!)
Anyway, if you're anything like I am, you want to get better and  better at cardmaking.  I can help you with that!  Check out my "Events" page & see when I'm offering my next Stampin' 101 class.  Can't make it that day?  I'd be more than happy to arrange something that would work with your schedule.  I do prefer to do this class at my home so I don't forget to bring something, but we can definitely do a private class at your home, Panera Bread's public room, or anywhere convenient to you that we have some room to spread out!  Just give me a call or shoot me a text!
Happy stampin'!

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