Friday, August 2, 2013

Holy Hiatus, Batman!

Hi Stampers!!

Wellllllll . . . I had all intentions of getting to some DTGD challenges this week, but my work schedule has been a little weird lately.  We've been slow for about a month and a half in my "real" department, so I've been flexing time & filling in over at nuclear med helping with stress tests.  Ironically, it's affecting MY stress level (ha ha!).

Bear with me, guys . . . a lot going on the next couple of weeks, culminating with my daughter going off to college on August 18.  I'm gonna have to admit defeat or maybe just re-prioritize for a while and realize I can't keep up with everything right now.

SOOOOOO, apologies for this, but I will be absent from blogging til about the end of the month of August til things settle down at home and at work.  I hope you'll stop back here in a few weeks to see what's new, and I thank you for following me here!  Stay tuned . . . .

Happy stampin'!

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