Tuesday, September 10, 2013

2 Step Stampin'

Hi Stampers!

I'm glad you're back :-)  Are you ready to learn 2 Step Stampin'?  No, it's not a dance step (ha ha!).  2 Step Stampin' is a GREAT way to add dimension and depth to a stamped image.  Lucky for us, Stampin' Up! makes several sets that incorporate the 2 Step Stampin' technique.

One of my FAVORITE tools is the Stamp a Ma Jig.  What a silly name, huh?  And I'll admit it, when I first learned about the SAMJ, I was totally intimidated.  The SAMJ is a 2 piece tool consisting of a plastic handle and a clear square sheet.  When I took it out of the package, I was like, "Huh???"  I had to head on out to You Tube to search for an instructional video.  Once I saw how easy it was to use and how fantastically it helps you line up stamped images, I was HOOKED.

Now, if you've got a very good eye, you may not even need the SAMJ.  I do pride myself on having a good eye, but really, to get perfect results, I count on my SAMJ every time.

So, ready?  OK!  Let's get started with 2 Step Stampin'.

First, I stamped my clear sheet.  Pardon how messy mine is - it's well-loved.  To prepare for 2 Step Stampin', you'll need to line up your image and stamp your clear sheet.  Don't worry about what ink color you use - just use something dark enough to show up.  In the photo below, what I've done is placed the black "handle" piece down on my cardstock and then lined up the corner of the clear plastic sheet in the corner of the handle.  Then I slide my inked stamp in place and gently press down to stamp the image on the plastic.

Below you can see all my stamped images on the clear plastic sheet.  For Stippled Blossoms, I'm getting ready to line up the "top" or darker images to my "bottom" lighter images.
Next, I'll stamp the lighter, "base" image onto my cardstock,  I've used Blushing Bride here:

Now comes the fun part!  Using my clear plastic sheet, I'll line up my second image.  It's a little hard to see, but what I've done is lay the clear plastic sheet with the stamped image over top of my "base" to see where I want to stamp the "top" or darker image:

Once I've determined that my placement is correct, I line up the handle with my plastic sheet.

Finally, I remove the plastic sheet and again, gently line up my inked stamp with the handle and press down to stamp my second image:

. . . and voilĂ :

Gorgeous, no?!

So, I just repeat the process and 2 Step Stamp my flowers and leaves.  For the card I have in mind, I've "fussy cut" these:

Stop back tomorrow to see the card I came up with using these beautiful images!

Happy stampin'!

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