Friday, September 27, 2013

"Back" to the Blog ;)

Hi Stampers!

Had (once again) an unexpected break from blogging.  Don't you hate it when your "real" job gets in the way of creating?  My schedule is still crazy at work, subbing in the stress lab, training my fellow NCM how our Dr. Dean Ornish's the Spectrum classes run, and then of course my own nurse case manager duties.  Anyway, I'm actually at a crop weekend right now (woo hoo!) and thought you might like to know what I've been up to.

Last Friday, my Calendar Club girls were over and had fun making six different card designs (two of each).  I posted all of them previously, so you all got to see the sneak peeks ;)  Then, last Saturday, I proceeded to begin moving furniture to give myself some studio or creative space.

Unfortunately, in the midst of all the furniture moving, I locked up my back and had to cancel my Sunday class.  (Don't worry, I WILL reschedule!!!)  In the meantime, check out what I'm now calling my studio:

 View from the door, left side of room.
View from the door, right side of room.
 Corner desk area.
Modular storage from Michael's plus bookcase from Walmart on top.
Corner desk from IKEA that will eventually replace brown desk.
Re-purposed my big bulky coffee table to make a cutting table (lifted on a set of dorm risers!)
I am so excited to finally have my own space!  We really never used the living room anyway - not sure why, but people tend to come in my house & head straight to the dining room table (maybe they think I'm going to feed them??).  It wasn't my first pick, but since re-wiring the cable from the back family room would've entailed major headaches, I settled for this room and now that it's in progress, I'm pretty pleased!
Next time you come to class at my house, this is where we'll be!
I'm working like crazy this weekend designing Christmas cards for the next two months' Calendar Club.  Stay tuned!
Happy stampin'!
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