Friday, October 4, 2013

Turning the Last Corner

Hi Stampers!

FINALLY made it to IKEA today, thanks to the Other (he only growled about going a LITTLE bit, ha ha!).  But hey, next time I need to go, I think I can find it myself - although that might NOT be a good thing ;-)

After we made our merry loop around the showroom to locate my pieces, off we went to the self serve area to pick up 'em up - too bad I wasn't smart enough to have realized that we could have gone STRAIGHT there since I knew exactly what I wanted.  OOPS.  Yeah, there's a computer you can log into right there in self serve, type in your items, and it'll tell you just what aisle and bin to go to (duh!!!).  Poor Other - I dragged his arthritis-y buns all over the place (I'm sorry!!!) when we could've just grabbed and run.  Oh well . . . . like I said, he only growled a little . . .   > :{(  <------ that's him, with the mustache, growling at me ha, ha.

Anyhow, here's the final piece to my "studio":

I am so excited!!!!!!!!  You know where I'll be all weekend :-)

Happy stampin'!

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