Saturday, November 30, 2013

Sweet Baby Boy

Hi Stampers!

Here's a quick post today, with a baby boy card I came up with using the Baby Tees jumbo wheel stamp; which I dismounted and made into a flat stamp, BTW - MUCH easier for me to use!  If you'd like to know how to do that, it's super-easy.  Find the seam on the red rubber part of your wheel and carefully and gently peel the stamp from the wheel.  You'll end up with just the flat red rubber portion.  I mounted mine on some Clear Mount Cling Foam for stability, but I've seen folks just place the rubber right on a block and stamp, too.

Here's the card:

Making this card, I was a little sad.  I know, what kind of weird person is sad making a baby card? Well, here's the story.  The young lady and gentleman who had the baby are the daughter and son-in-law of my best friend and adopted big brother who passed away in 2010.  Even sadder, he passed away just a week after their wedding.  I know he's up there in Heaven looking down on his newest grandson, but it still tears me up inside wishing he were still with us and I could see him bouncing baby Deacon on his knee and shouting, "Doopy doopy doo!!" like he always did with babies.  (They all loved that, and would giggle hilariously.)

Ah well.  Life goes on, and I'm so very happy for Amanda and Rich as they step into parenthood.  Baby Deacon is one lucky little guy.  Rish, keep smiling down on all of us.  Miss ya, Big Guy.

Happy stampin'!

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Holiday "Sour Cream" Containers

Hi Stampers!

I have a fun photo tutorial for you today.  "Sour cream" containers have been around FOREVAH, but they were kinda new to me and I've never made them before.  There are lots of tutorials out on the blogosphere, and that's how I learned to make them :)  SO, if these are new to you too, here's my version of a step-by-step instructional:

Start with a piece of cardstock or DSP cut into a basic rectangular shape.  There are tons of different measurements out there, most common being 4" x 5 1/4", but I just took sheets from the Winter Frost DSP Stack (I TOLD you, this is like the never-ending paper source!!).  The sheets measure 4 1/2" x 6 1/2".  Attach Sticky Strip to 3 sides as shown above.

Next, remove the backing from the Sticky Strip from ONE of the long sides and the short side.  Leave the other long side with the Sticky Strip backing intact.

Make a tube by attaching the Sticky Strip from the short side to the side that you didn't put any Sticky Strip on (make sense?  I know, clear as mud, right??)

Next, "squeeze" the end of your tube together.  This was originally that long side of your paper opposite the side you left the Sticky Strip backing intact.

Insert your creased end into your paper crimper and roll it just a little bit.  You can go back and forth a couple times to get a good crimp.

On this first one, you can see I didn't get a very good crimp.  It took me a few tries to get a good technique going.

This one's a lot better.

Here are my containers, ready to be filled.

There's that long side where we left the Sticky Strip backing intact.  I fit four of these little peppermint puffs in my container.

After your container is filled, remove the backing from your Sticky Strip and crease the end in the opposite direction of your first crease.


See how the ends are opposite?  It looks just like those paper sour cream containers you get in fast food places!  Love it!!

There - all finished.  I used a retired stamp set - Gift Givers.  So cute!

These will be for my Ornish grads on Tuesday, along with the bags I blogged the other day.

Happy stampin'!

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Tag a Bag Bundle

Hi Stampers!

I've got a quick and easy and FUN project to share with you today, our Tag a Bag Bundle.  This kit comes complete with 10 chevron patterned bags and an accessory kit to customize any way you like.  I'm going to fill these with some healthy treats for my Ornish students who're having their graduation party on Tuesday.  Here are the bags and tags ready to be filled:

Aren't they cute?  I used a stamp from the Trust God set, which reads "Each one of us is God's special work of art."  Very appropriate since these folks have made major changes in their health in the last 12 weeks.  They're all works of art - and HEART - indeed.  I'll add a few things to the girls' tags, like punched butterflies, flowers, and rhinestones before I fill and finish them off.  The guys' will just be kept clean and simple.
 There's a Tag a BOX Bundle too - stay tuned for some projects using that kit soon!
Happy stampin'!

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Hi Stampers!

First of all, let me just say that I think I pretty much suck at watercoloring, painting, anything like that.  HOWEVER . . . . seeing some of the pretty, soft, watercolor cards done with the stamp set Wetlands really got me itching to try my hand at it again.  You never know when your talents might change or improve, right?  And if I'm gonna call myself an artist, then by golly, I'd better not be scared to try a new medium :)

So I pulled out my supplies & got started.  Here's the base I did:

Watercolor paper, Aqua Painter, & ink pads combine to make a soft base layer.
Next, I used the Wetlands stamp set to add detail.  Now, I DEFINITELY cannot draw, but the crisp lines of this stamp set make me look like a real pro, just by stamping the images onto my watercolored base:

Here's another secret.  I originally stamped my sentiment right above the sandpipers and MESSED UP.  No worries - I just stamped the sentiment again, punched it out, and layered it onto a scallop oval.  NICE.  Another helpful tool I ordered recently are the Clear Mount Perfectly Placed Guides for my acrylic blocks.  WOW.  Are they completely awesome for lining up my clear mount stamps.  Don't know why I waited so long!!!!!
The Wetlands set is GREAT for manly cards.  I held off for a while ordering it as well, but seeing how this card turned out makes me glad I finally broke down and got it.  I really like how this turned out!  Even an all-thumbs gal like me can work with these great Stampin' Up! items and make a pretty watercolor card :)
 Hope you enjoyed this card!  I got a kick out of the watercoloring.  Kinda made me feel like a kid again, playing with ink & a brush :)
Happy stampin'!

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

CAS Black and White

Hi Stampers!

CAS or "Clean and Simple" is truly my preferred stampin' style.  Oh, you'll see me attempt fussy and frilly from time to time, but I always go back to clean and simple designs.  . . . and black and white is probably my very, very favorite combination.  I love the crispness and contrast of these two shades.

Here's one of my best-loved card layouts.  I REALLY like the way this came out, and plan to bang out a bunch of these sometime over the weekend.  I feel this would be a perfect card for almost any time you've got someone on your mind.  See what you think:

Love it, if I do say so myself ;)

Not sure if I'll get anything posted tomorrow or not, since this is my long day at work (8:30-9), so just in case, I'll say Happy Thanksgiving now!  I plan on RELAXING on Thursday, boycotting shopping (HATE that some stores are open on Thanksgiving - BOOOOOOO!!), and resting up for my annual Black Friday with my son.  We mostly just go out to be amused by the crazies :)

Happy stampin'!

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Monday, November 25, 2013

"Shutter" Your Mouth! Yep, Another One ;)

Hi Stampers!

Didn't I tell you those Tri-Shutter Fold cards could be addicting?  I had to sit down and make another one yesterday!  Now, you all know I screw up more often than not, and I did it again.  Not sure where my mind was wandering off to (oh wait - yes, I do - hmmmm lol), but I cut my second long slit a little wonky.  No worries though, I just had to readjust my measurements for the DSP and sentiment pieces a lil bit.  Here's the card:

This one was made with all "flat" accents so it would be more mailable.  I pulled out some retired DSP, Snow Festival.  These cards are a really great way to use up DSP scraps that might be too small or weirdly cut to use on a full card front.  Nice, huh?
Hope you had a chance to stamp this weekend!  I wasn't feeling well on Friday night and had to cancel Calendar Club, but two of my gals came over yesterday to catch up along with one who came over to work on the Christmas Sampler class.  I really enjoy getting together with my customer-friends on Sundays.  Stampin', chattin', and lots of laughter :)

Happy stampin'!

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tri-Shutter Fold Card

Hi Stampers!

Yesterday I came across a great tri-shutter fold card on Split Coast Stampers.  I headed straight over to Julie Davison's blog for the directions, and here's my version:

Tri-Shutter card closed

That extra Pool Party piece sticking up in the back isn't part of the card; I was trying to hide my ink pads :)
I'm telling you guys, I have gotten MORE uses from that little Winter Frost DSP stack.  I swear, it's like the never-ending paper source!

Anyway, Julie's also got a great video on her blog explaining the card, so I hope you'll visit her and see how to make one of these yourself.  They are really simple once you get the measurements and folds down.

I'll list the measurements, cuts and scores here, but if you get confused, do go and watch her video.

Tri-Shutter Card

Card base: 5 1/2" x 12"
Sentiment base:  2 3/4" x 3 3/4"
Sentiment area:  2 1/2" x 3 1/2"
Card front & card inside DSP:  5 1/4" x 1 3/4"
Top & bottom DSP trim:  1" x 3 3/4"


Position your card base at 1 1/4" in your Stampin' Trimmer with the short side at the top, and use your cutting blade to cut a long slit in the card base from 2" down to 10" (don't start at the top, look for the 2" & 10 measurement on the "ruler" where the blade is housed).  Move your cardstock over to 4 1/4" and repeat, cutting a long slit from 2" down to 10".


Flip your cardstock so that the long side is up at the top of your Stampin' Trimmer, and use your scoring blade to score at 2", 4" 8" and 10".

Fold your card base so that you end up with two "zig zags" in opposite directions (see the last photo, above).

Attach all your DSP pieces and your sentiment and decorate as desired.

I hope you enjoy making one of these cards!

Happy stampin'!

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Creating With My Studio Companions

Hi Stampers!

I've been puttering around in the studio today, prepping things for tomorrow's stamp class, finishing up my donation projects for my friend's Chinese Auction for the benefit (I changed my mind about what I wanted to donate), and looking online for some inspiration for new projects.

Today I thought that first I'd share some photos of my two studio companions, my dogs Buddy and Layla :)  They aren't usually happy unless there's a human around, and on the days I'm working in here, I get the pleasure of their company.

Here's Buddy, the older one.  He's about 3 years old and as best as we can tell, he's a mix of Pug and Labrador:

Buddy curled up and snoring away, next to my Big Shot/cutting table.
Here's Layla, the younger one.  She's just about a year old now and is part American Eskimo and we THINK some kind of terrier:

Layla on her favorite step.  She tossed Buddy out of the dog bed about five minutes after I took this photo!
I decided to go with some framed samplers instead of the rosette wreath I mentioned the other day.  I'm hoping these go over well for the Auction:

Well, pretty tired now and did find some neat card ideas today.  I'll be back tomorrow with, hopefully, a Tri-Fold Card I'd like to try that I found on another demo blog.  Details to follow!

Happy stampin'!

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A Banner Day: Part 3 of a Blog Series

Hi Stampers!

Alright - technically this project isn't a banner.  BUT it is something that will hang on a wall, once it's framed.

How about a Christmas Sampler?

We've been having a blast making these samplers the last few months at my stampin' classes.  SUPER easy.  I can't remember where I first saw the ideas for these, but they are a great way to use cardstock scrap pieces and stamps from various sets to design whatever strikes your fancy.  In September we did a Halloween one, in October, Thanksgiving, and this Sunday, we'll be doing this one.  The squares are mounted onto a 12" x 12" piece of cardstock then placed into 12" x 12" frames I got at Michael's.

Try one of these samplers yourself - they can be addictive, though :)

Happy stampin'!

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Friday, November 22, 2013

A Banner Day: Part Two of a Blog Series

Hi Stampers!

Ready for more banner creativity?

After I spritzed my banners with the backgrounds, I prepared to add the letter stencils.  Here are some photos.  I forgot to take pictures as I was spritzing the Garden Green ink mixture through the stencils, but it was the same basic process I used for the letters:

First, I used the "masking stencil" from the kit to cover my Garden Green spritzed banner.

Next, I placed a letter stencil over the banner center.
Ready to spritz with Chocolate Chip.
Uh oh - now I have BROWN fingers, lol.

I accidentally blotted the Chocolate Chip ink on this one.
Finished banner pieces.
Finished banner!
This kit is SO much fun to work with!  I can't wait to make more of these banners for Christmas and other holidays.  There is also a refill kit you can order for more banner pieces and jute cord.

If you'd like to get your hands on this kit, please head over to my store & order :)

Happy stampin'!

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Banner Day - Part 1 of a Blog Series

Hi Stampers!

I had the morning off because of a water main break at work, but that was kinda good since I wasn't feeling well last night & this morning.  So, I decided to break out my Simply Created Banners Kit & play.  I'm glad I did, because I initially had a little mishap - good to work those things out BEFORE your class comes up ;)

In the instructions for mixing ink in the Spritzer bottle, it says you can use alcohol OR water, and that alcohol will dry faster.  Well, I'm all about "faster", so I mixed up some isopropyl alcohol & ink (I use ispropyl alcohol often in my crafting).  Uh oh.  Here's what happened.  It ran, picked up the blue from my stencil, and looked HORRIBLE.  I had to scrap that banner piece and go back to mixing ink and water.  See the difference:

Left:  Classic Ink in Garden Green mixed with H2O.  Right:  Mixed with isopropyl alcohol 70%.

Alright, so now you know why I have green fingers today!  Stop back tomorrow for step 2 of my "Banner Day".

Happy stampin'!

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Working Out "Crafty" Problems . . . .

Hi Stampers!

Well, believe it or not, this isn't gonna be a completely"Stampin' Up!" kind of post :)

I've been working a lot over in the stress lab at the hospital, and one of my friends there has a wedding coming up - not hers, but her son's.  She's been doing all kinds of crafty things for wedding favors, etc.

She brought in door hangers she had printed up today, and was trying to figure out how to either attach ribbon or punch a circle in them to hang.

Of COURSE I had some suggestions to offer!!

I wrote down the dimensions and came home to ponder the possibilities for her.

Here's the sample with the hole punched and a slit cut:

Here's the sample with my take on how to attach the ribbon using Stampin' Up! Mini Brads:

I put each brad over one of the silver circles on the ribbon - sneaky!!

I texted her the photos and we both agreed the ribbon one looks classier.  Now this was definitely MY kind of "problem"!


1 1/4" Circle Punch
Paper Snips
Mini Brads
Paper Piercing Tool
Paper Piercing Mat Pack
Basic Gray cardstock

I'll be giving her the Mini Brads she needs and loaning her my Paper Piercer and Mat Pack to use.  Hey, gotta help out the groom's mom, right?  What crafty problems have YOU solved lately?  Shoot me a comment!!

Happy stampin'!

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