Saturday, November 23, 2013

Creating With My Studio Companions

Hi Stampers!

I've been puttering around in the studio today, prepping things for tomorrow's stamp class, finishing up my donation projects for my friend's Chinese Auction for the benefit (I changed my mind about what I wanted to donate), and looking online for some inspiration for new projects.

Today I thought that first I'd share some photos of my two studio companions, my dogs Buddy and Layla :)  They aren't usually happy unless there's a human around, and on the days I'm working in here, I get the pleasure of their company.

Here's Buddy, the older one.  He's about 3 years old and as best as we can tell, he's a mix of Pug and Labrador:

Buddy curled up and snoring away, next to my Big Shot/cutting table.
Here's Layla, the younger one.  She's just about a year old now and is part American Eskimo and we THINK some kind of terrier:

Layla on her favorite step.  She tossed Buddy out of the dog bed about five minutes after I took this photo!
I decided to go with some framed samplers instead of the rosette wreath I mentioned the other day.  I'm hoping these go over well for the Auction:

Well, pretty tired now and did find some neat card ideas today.  I'll be back tomorrow with, hopefully, a Tri-Fold Card I'd like to try that I found on another demo blog.  Details to follow!

Happy stampin'!

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