Friday, November 1, 2013

Hi Srampers!

This was actually the LAST card I did at the crop, but I wanted to share it today for a couple reasons.  It's pretty cute, but as you probably noticed, the sentiment (which I "stamped off" for the faded look) is crooked.  I should have used my favorite tool, the Stamp a Ma Jig, to make sure it was evenly lined up.  Second, I really didn't follow the "rule of thirds" here.  I kind of went with I'm not SURE what (rule of HALVES??).  Just goes to show that when you're tired, you don't always design to the best of your potential.  Oh well :)

Anyway, I'll have more for you after the weekend.  I am EXHAUSTED from working all over the place at my job (various sites, various tasks) and I've promised myself some sleep and relaxation this weekend.  I'll catch up with you again on Monday!  Til then . . .

Happy stampin'!

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