Friday, November 29, 2013

Holiday "Sour Cream" Containers

Hi Stampers!

I have a fun photo tutorial for you today.  "Sour cream" containers have been around FOREVAH, but they were kinda new to me and I've never made them before.  There are lots of tutorials out on the blogosphere, and that's how I learned to make them :)  SO, if these are new to you too, here's my version of a step-by-step instructional:

Start with a piece of cardstock or DSP cut into a basic rectangular shape.  There are tons of different measurements out there, most common being 4" x 5 1/4", but I just took sheets from the Winter Frost DSP Stack (I TOLD you, this is like the never-ending paper source!!).  The sheets measure 4 1/2" x 6 1/2".  Attach Sticky Strip to 3 sides as shown above.

Next, remove the backing from the Sticky Strip from ONE of the long sides and the short side.  Leave the other long side with the Sticky Strip backing intact.

Make a tube by attaching the Sticky Strip from the short side to the side that you didn't put any Sticky Strip on (make sense?  I know, clear as mud, right??)

Next, "squeeze" the end of your tube together.  This was originally that long side of your paper opposite the side you left the Sticky Strip backing intact.

Insert your creased end into your paper crimper and roll it just a little bit.  You can go back and forth a couple times to get a good crimp.

On this first one, you can see I didn't get a very good crimp.  It took me a few tries to get a good technique going.

This one's a lot better.

Here are my containers, ready to be filled.

There's that long side where we left the Sticky Strip backing intact.  I fit four of these little peppermint puffs in my container.

After your container is filled, remove the backing from your Sticky Strip and crease the end in the opposite direction of your first crease.


See how the ends are opposite?  It looks just like those paper sour cream containers you get in fast food places!  Love it!!

There - all finished.  I used a retired stamp set - Gift Givers.  So cute!

These will be for my Ornish grads on Tuesday, along with the bags I blogged the other day.

Happy stampin'!

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