Saturday, November 30, 2013

Sweet Baby Boy

Hi Stampers!

Here's a quick post today, with a baby boy card I came up with using the Baby Tees jumbo wheel stamp; which I dismounted and made into a flat stamp, BTW - MUCH easier for me to use!  If you'd like to know how to do that, it's super-easy.  Find the seam on the red rubber part of your wheel and carefully and gently peel the stamp from the wheel.  You'll end up with just the flat red rubber portion.  I mounted mine on some Clear Mount Cling Foam for stability, but I've seen folks just place the rubber right on a block and stamp, too.

Here's the card:

Making this card, I was a little sad.  I know, what kind of weird person is sad making a baby card? Well, here's the story.  The young lady and gentleman who had the baby are the daughter and son-in-law of my best friend and adopted big brother who passed away in 2010.  Even sadder, he passed away just a week after their wedding.  I know he's up there in Heaven looking down on his newest grandson, but it still tears me up inside wishing he were still with us and I could see him bouncing baby Deacon on his knee and shouting, "Doopy doopy doo!!" like he always did with babies.  (They all loved that, and would giggle hilariously.)

Ah well.  Life goes on, and I'm so very happy for Amanda and Rich as they step into parenthood.  Baby Deacon is one lucky little guy.  Rish, keep smiling down on all of us.  Miss ya, Big Guy.

Happy stampin'!

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