Saturday, December 14, 2013

A Messy Desk is the Sign of a Creative Mind ;)

Hi Stampers!

. . . or so the saying goes, right?

It's cold & snowy today, and I haven't gotten out of my pajamas yet (and it's already after 2 p.m.!!).

I was supposed to have some card & papercrafting classes today, but cancelled them due to the weather this morning.  Of course, right now, it's just wet out - figures!!

Since I had some unexpected free time, I pulled out some of the supplies I had pre-cut from my fall Christmas card classes and started completing the cards and checking my own mailing list.  My desk is a MESS right now, but I'm having fun:

There's my ever-present mug of tea and a stack of partially finished cards behind that, with the ones I've finished to the right.
The funny thing is, you'd think I'd do more of this, but I spend more time designing cards & projects for my classes and this blog.  I'm not overly fond of mass-production, but when the pieces have been pre-cut and just need stamped and put together, I'd actually forgotten how much fun this is!  I'm hoping that's the same feeling my friends have when they come over to stamp with me during my classes :)
What are you up to on this winter weekend?  I hope you're finding time to do something relaxing and fun for YOU . . .
Happy stampin'!
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