Monday, March 10, 2014

Burlap and B******g

Hi Stampers!

Sometimes kits are just a little "fiddly".

The Simply Created Burlap and Blooms Kit in the Occasions Catalog is just so pretty.

But I am just so not coordinated.

Nor am I particularly good at reading directions.  I do MUCH better when you demonstrate something to me.

I spent a couple hours with this kit on Saturday evening getting ready for my product-based class on Sunday featuring just this little kit.  Much cursing ensued.

I promptly went to You Tube and found a video.  Much better.

My gals and I just had a ball making the wreaths, but they decided we should call the kit "Burlap and B*tch*ng".

Too funny!

Here are some photos (Phyllis sneaked out before I could take her pic):

In all seriousness, though - once we got the hang of things, the wreaths were really fun to make.  The best part was creating together.

Much laughter ensued :)

Happy stampin'!

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