Thursday, March 13, 2014

Epic Cardmaking Fail . . . .and Fix ;)

Hi Stampers!

Usually I don't even bother to ask my family what they think of my cards or projects, but I did ask the Other to take a look at a card I made last week (had to make two baby girl cards for work).

This is what I asked him to look at:

Usually I get a blank stare, or if I'm really lucky maybe a Neanderthal-like grunt.  This time I got a double-take and a, "Why did you make a card that has saggy b**bs on it?"
Um.  WHAT???
Okay, I thought.  Maybe it's the proportions.  Maybe it's just too long or something.
So I did this:
Nope.  Can't get that image out of my brain.
They were SUPPOSED to be pockets.
So finally, I did this:
<smiles to self> 
Yay!!  Rescued card.
. . . . aaaaaannnnddd, then my daughter texts me (from college):
Mom.  Why does it have a safety pin in the crotch?
I give up.
Happy stampin'!

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  1. Rick is too funny ... however, the exact same comment would have come out of my hub's mouth as well ... it's a guy thing!!! Nice save.


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