Thursday, March 20, 2014

Feed Your Head

Hi Stampers!

As I type this post today, I'm also thinking about the few things I need to pack up before I leave for one of my semi-annual crop weekends (usually referring to scrapbooking, but in my case, I'm normally working on cards and class projects).

The Other seems quite puzzled as to exactly WHY these four day weekends are so important to me, and, I'm sorry to say, at one point or another has been a little grumpy and resentful of my going away for "so long".

Here's the thing.

It took me almost my entire 50 years on this earth so far to figure out that I AM, essentially - an artist, a free spirit, a creative soul who chafes at rigidity, "expectations" and routine.

Yes, routine is important to many things - raising children, keeping the family together, maintaining a household, work . . . and I can cop to that when I need to.  I'm also an expert at "compartmentalizing" things; i.e., arranging them neatly in my mind and taking them out to deal with one by one as needed.  In my career as a nurse case manager, I can confidently say that I am VERY good at what I do and am proud to have earned the respect and love of my team and supervisors (it helps that I adore my job and clients, too - not gonna lie).

But when I think back to my childhood and teen years, the thing I remember most vividly was my love for creating things.  Painting pictures, learning to do macramé with my cousin, working with clay, writing stories, MAKING things . . . art class was always my favorite, and I had two really great teachers in junior high and high school.

Would I have gone on these long, crafty weekends when my children were growing up?  Probably not.  They needed me at home, because I had to work full time during that period of my life and I'd have felt guilty; not to mention the Other would've made it uncomfortable for me and I wouldn't have enjoyed myself.

But NOW - now is MY time, and I will make no apologies for it.  Going away for four days during which I can think, create, and dream to my heart's content is essential to my artist's soul and I've become really protective of these weekends with "my girls".  I've met dozens of women just like me - artistic, creative, FUNNY, wonderful women whom I've grown to love and look forward to seeing two or three or even four times a year.  I jealously guard this time with them, and with MYSELF.

Yes, it took me 50 years to learn who I am - I AM AN ARTIST!!

Happy stampin'!

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