Saturday, April 5, 2014

Petite Petals Cuteness

Hi Stampers!

Believe it or not, today's card is a Stamp With Jeni original!  (Ha ha.)  Were you getting tired of my Pinterest CASEd cards?

I've been on one of my "kicks" lately, pairing the Hardwood background stamp with the Petite Petals bundle.  There's just something about those little flowers and that woodgrain that begs to be combined.

I'm not completely pleased with this design, but I do like it.  What would you have done differently?

Today is another gloomy looking day here near Pittsburgh, but I am refusing to let it get to me!!  My dear friend Debbie and I have plans to head out soon for our first pedicures of the spring :)  Getting my stubby little piggies polished is always the biggest sign of warm weather approaching for this crazy old gal!!  Once it heats up a little, I'm as bad as any kid - the shoes come off and I'm barefoot all spring and summer - I have to confess that I HATE wearing shoes!!  (Bras too, but that's another issue lol).
Well, I'm gonna finish up my first cup of coffee and see what Deb's up to.
Happy stampin'!

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