Sunday, August 17, 2014

Woman, Without Her, Man is Nothing ;)

Hi Stampers!

Here's a quick card I created for my friend Cathy, whose boyfriend I blogged about yesterday.  The past nine months have been killer for both of them, getting ready for the art show.  I hope she had a good long rest today :)

Funny the time frame on that - this was his "baby" and she sure carried it along, offering a shoulder, an ear, whatever it took - but most of all, her heart.  Seeing the two of them together on Friday made me smile.  The event was his, and he had the spotlight of course; but she possessed the quiet grace to simply "be there", making sure everything ran smoothly and just letting him shine.  Did my cynical old heart good to see these two soulmates together in their creative element.  Anyway, here's the card I made for her today:

I wanted to make her card similar to his, but reflect something of all the work she's done over these past nine months.  Cathy is a sunshine-y soul for sure, and I hope it indeed comes back to her.  She's a talented musician in her own right, a wonderful music instructor, a bad-ass singer who fronts a cool rock band, a terrific mom, a devoted daughter, and a loyal friend.  The sentiment inside reads, "Fabulous is What You Are" - perfect!

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