Monday, December 1, 2014

Stamping on . . . Candles??

Hi Stampers!

Long time, no see . . . it's been CRAZY at my house.

The big news is that I got final word from my oncologist that all the specimens sent to Mayo Clinic show NO signs of cancer of ANY kind.  YAY!!!  Next doctor on the list is endocrinologist to rule out any thyroid issues that could be causing my blood disorder.  Very relieved, although I guess I'm a natural optimist - because I totally was NOT scared at any point that something was really bad or wrong with me :)

Daughter the rugby player had a concussion in September (I may have mentioned that??), hubby had another hip replacement in November, and son is just driving me nuts poking along getting papers together to enroll in IUP police academy to get his clearances.  Most days, I just want to sleep through everything and hope I wake up and it's all been resolved :)

SO . . . back to our favorite thing - stamping!

Did you know that you can created "stamped" candles?  I guess this is an old trick, but it's new to this crafter!  My gosh, it only takes a few minutes, and you've got an impressive little gift!

You will need:

white tissue paper
pigment ink (like Stazon or Memento)
plain colored candle (white or vanilla seems to work best, but I experimented with a couple colors)
heat gun (a hair dryer will NOT get hot enough)
stamp of your choice
wax paper

I won't reinvent the wheel here, because there are TONS of videos and tutorials out on the web.  Here are a couple I reviewed before doing my project:

Three Minutes to Stamped Candles - Lyssa from Song of My Heart Stampers

Splitcoast Stampers:  Stamping on Candles video (below):

......and without further ado, here's a photo of the candles I did:
Unfortunately, this is a stamp from last year that's no longer available - but I have to confess it's one of my favorites.
Hope you make some candles of your own!
Happy stampin'!

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